Highlighting GR1T’s Motorcycle Industrial Experience

Highlighting GR1T’s Motorcycle Industrial Experience

GR1T Motorcycles is above all the results of thousands of engineering, performance and market decisions and trials made by some of Europe’s top minds in the motorcycle and automotive industries.

Our Pioneer Pro and Pioneer Street electric motorcycles are designed for functionality, ergonomy and elegance. They represent best-in-class performance in the lightweight electric motorcycle segment.

Yet the Pioneer’s outer design is the result of exacting trials and tests done internally by our industrial development and manufacturing partners.

We know full well that as a European motorcycle manufacturer competing internationally, we need to engineer a superior and long-lasting product that conforms to some of the most exacting specifications on the planet.

Our launch at the EICMA 2023 International Motorcycle Exhibition brought together members of the team that has been working with GR1T since the design and ideation stage.

Seen here are four of the key movers behind GR1T that collectively share 100 years of experience in the German and international motorcycle sectors. From left:

Martin Petermeier, Chief Executive Officer of Faissner Petermeier Mobility Group. A dedicated engineer and product developer, Martin has led some of the most complex projects in the German automotive sectors, and deals daily with the challenges needed to adapt to changing technologies and competitive issues.

Dr. Christian Landerl, Board Chairman of Faissner Petermeier Fahrzeugtechnik AG. Christian has an in-depth experience in the automotive sector and was formerly Executive Vice President of Development and Model Lines at BMW Motorrad. He is a certified engineer with experience in superbike development, among others.

Bert Heydel, Chief Technology & Operations Officer of GR1T. Bert spent over 20 years in technical and product development positions at BMW’s Automotive and Motorcycle divisions, managing teams that included up to 80 engineers and staff.

Hermann Köpf, Chief Marketing Officer of GR1T. Hermann is a motorcycle fanatic and marketing guru. Besides numerous international marketing and advertising campaigns in his capacity as an advertising and media expert, he is editor of Brumm Motor Chronicles; founder and co-organiser of the KROWDRACE Flat Track Motorcycle racing events as well as the Augsberg Classic Racing Event.

We are now in Day 3 of EICMA and look forward to welcoming our friends, partners and customers from all over the world. Come visit us at Hall 22, T48 to catch up.

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