What is GR1T about?

The GR1T Vision

We believe that the future of mobility must be electric, sustainable and problem-solving.

Quality First

Our bikes are designed and built in Germany based on hightest qualitiy standards.


With short supply chain and local production we live an ecological mindset.

Power & Weight

The power to weight ratio of the PIONEER is one of the best in its class.

Our Sustainability Belief

GR1T Motorcycles is committed to sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We recognize the importance of environmental sustainability across our value chain, and aim to minimize our environmental footprint while promoting economic and social well-being.
Our sustainability policy is based on the following pillars:
Environmental Impact of Electric Batteries

GR1T uses electric batteries manufactured by European and Japanese suppliers. We understand that the electric battery itself requires careful treatment, particularly after use. For this reason, we offer a full recycling recovery guarantee to our customers. If the GR1T battery no longer works, we recover and recycle it without cost.


Responsible Sourcing

Our component suppliers are well-known European and global manufacturers that comply with national and European environmental regulations and policies. We ensure that all suppliers are selected based on product quality, ethical sourcing practices, transparency and environmental sustainability.


Research and Development

We have designed our motorcycles taking into account performance as well as sustainability. By designing ultra-light motorcycles, the power-to-weight ratio and therefore the energy cost are greatly improved.


Short Supply Chains

As a European producer, we benefit from short supply chains with low carbon emissions.



Energy Efficiency

We practice energy efficiency in our operations. Our future factory planning will include the highest standard of energy efficiency as well as renewable energy installations.


Audits and Continual Improvement

We are committed to auditing our operations and supply chain to ensure the continual improvement of our sustainability policy.


Stakeholder Engagement

All Stakeholders in our operations are regularly consulted on what our sustainability operations and standards should include and function.


Environmental Certification

In 2024, we plan certification under ISO 9000 Total Quality Management and ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems. In the future, we aim for more sustainability certification.


By adhering to these principles, GR1T Motorcycles aims to become a leader in sustainable electric motorcycle production in Europe and globally. This in turn will help our plant and our global society.


What we think about future mobility?

It must be electric, sustainable and quiet – but with loads of fun to ride.

High Power

With a 15kW high power engine and 2,1kWh (45Ah x 48V) batterypack our bikes are highly competitive.


Low Weight

Only 65kg (51kg without battery) makes the PIONEER feel like a rocket on two wheels.


Long Range

Unbelievably 70km range on 15kW power is best in class of lightweight electric motorcycles.


Electrify the next chapter in your motorcycle journey!

Meet the Team!

Omar Abukhlal
Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Bert Heydel
Chief Production Officer (CPO)
Hermann Köpf
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Philip Ammerman
Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Advisory Board and Brand Ambassador

Thrass Papadimitriou
Reinhard EBERLE(1)
Reinhard Eberle
Jan Brabec
Brand Ambassador