Reinhard EBERLE

Reinhard EBERLE


With over 22 years of experience working at BMW on both the automotive and motorcycle groups, Reinhard Eberle has a wide field of knowledge and understanding of GR1T’s sector of operations, launch and scale-up operations.

Reinhard joined BMW Group in June 1999 and was initially responsible for integration of design for recycling requirements in the product development of Land Rover, MG and Mini Cars.

In January 2001 he continued his career with BMW as a corporate auditor in areas such as national and international audits for R & D, vehicle projects, purchasing, production plants, sales and marketing, finance and strategy. This gave him a 360 degree view of the financial basis of critical automotive operations.

In January 2007 he was promoted to Head of BMW Motorcycle’s Strategy and Operations office, a position that he held until June of 2013. During that time his responsibilities involved to include a variety of critical tasks including:

  • Business Unit Strategy, including New Market Entry Strategy
  • Strategy for Motorcycle Product Portfolios
  • Project Management for New Vehicle Projects,
  • Strategy and Project Management of New Production Sites, including the start of CKD Production in Brazil and Thailand)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Steering
  • Representation in National (IVM) and International (ACEM, IMMA) Committees
  • Long Range Planning & Internal Steering of BMW Motorcycle Business Unit.

In July 2016 Reinhard worked as a Head of New Heritage World of Experience at BMW Motorcycles. In this full time position he was responsible for world-wide sales planning for the new Heritage Model Lines (R18 and RnineT) including development and roll out of the marketing concept, point of sale concept / Heritage Dealer ramp up, pre-sales, roadshows, events, customization opportunities, etc.

From September 2019 until December 2021, Reinhard took a lead role of Head of Product –  and Sales-Management for BMW Middle Class (F750/850/900) and (E-)Scooter Models (CE 04, C400). In 2022, Reinhard retired from BMW and has since between working on the GR1T startup as well as a number of other strategic projects.

Reinhard earned his PhD in Industrial Engineering; as well Master’s Degrees Economics in and in Industrial Engineering (Automotive Vehicle Design) from the Technical University of Berlin.