For Racers Only

Pioneer PRO

15kW | 65kg | 100km/h | 70km | 2,1 kWh | 48 V

Street Legal Fun

Pioneer STREET

15kW | 70kg | 100km/h | 70km | 2,1 kWh | 48 V

Developed for the highest demands and a real racing purpose.

Best In Class Lightweight Electric Motorcycle.
Quality Made In Germany.

Best Brakes &
Aluminium Frame
& Swingarm
Oehlins Suspension
Made with Passion and Excellence.

GR1T is born out of our strong belief that the future of mobility must be electric, sustainable and problem-solving.

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"I've never ridden such a fast and light electric bike! It's perfect for quick practice sessions in my garden and feels almost like my 450cc DTX bike!"
Jan Brabec
10x Czech Motocross Champion & 6x Dakar Finisher

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