All about EICMA Milan 2023

All about EICMA Milan 2023

EICMA is the International Motorcycle Show, hosted by the Milan Fairgrounds. The year 2023 marks the 80th anniversary of this exhibition, and as a first-time exhibitor and small startup, the experience of being here is at once impressive and humbling.

First of all is the range of brands and vendors exhibiting. The Fiera Milano is literally a city within a city, and EICMA is taking place in 4 pavilions out of 10. But with each pavillion measuring 37,000 square meters, the space available for exhibitors is immense. The total covered area is 345,000 square meters.

GR1T is exhibiting in Hall 22, Booth T48. We are in a pavilion that includes motorcycle giants such as Yamaha as well as major rising competitors such as Keeway, Benelli and Kowe. There are specialist suppliers of all kinds, ranging from components to clothing. Even eBay is exhibiting here, determined to raise its share of online auctions and ecommerce in the motorcycle sector.

The opportunity we have to learn from the best is remarkable. We’ve been in discussions with everyone from regional distributors to leading parts suppliers such as Ohlins to major motorcycle producers such as BMW Motorrad.

Second of all, the range of electric motorcycles is amazing. Besides the early adopters such as Cake, Talaria or Surron, there are at least 10 major competing suppliers exhibiting here, mostly in the scooter or heavier motorcycle market. So, as a made-in-Germany newcomer to the electric motorcycle segment, we have our work cut out for us. But we are still quite confident in our engineering, component and assembly quality, product testing record, and overall customer reception.

So, lots of work to do, and that includes a lot of learning, listening to customers and distributors, and kaizen – continual improvement of our motorcycle platform, functionality, sales network and overall operation.

Third of all, it’s clear that digitalisation is finally arriving in force to the automotive and motorcycle sector. Although we have not yet seen any driverless motorcycles, it’s clear that every motorcycle and driver today has the opportunity to be immersed in a digital overlay of data, functionality and communications.

What are some of our own data initiatives? We plan to launch the GR1T Pioneer Pro and Pioneer Street in 2024 with a full smartphone app and integrated dashboard that will include basic core digital functionality:

  1. Motorcycle start
  2. Anti-theft lock
  3. Motorcycle geographic tracking
  4. Motorcycle monitoring, including speed, RPMs, battery levels, and other data.

Over time, we are planning to introduce:

  • Integrated front and rear camera systems
  • Integrated helmet display
  • Proximity warnings system
  • Ride analytics
  • Battery charging stations
  • Gamification, social functions and leaderboards.

Fourth of all, it is clear that policy decisions such as the European Union’s 2035 Internal Combustion Engine ban or the 2050 Net Zero target are playing a huge role in planning. While the major OEMs are perhaps not reacting as strongly as one would hope, there are a large number of startups such as GR1T that are taking this very seriously indeed.

Certainly, if one looks at recent initiatives in Paris, Barcelona and other major European capitals, it is clear that the future of urban mobility is very different from unleaded cars stacked up at traffic lights. The growth of public transport options as well as non-traditional commuting methods (e-scooters, e-bikes, electric motorcycles, ridesharing schemes) is clear and is growing.

Fifth of all, what is remarkable is the range of Chinese exhibitors, again in all segments. China is a rising, if not dominant, industrial power in many industry segments, and the advances Chinese manufacturers are making in the motorcycle sector are nothing if not impressive.

As a European motorcycle startup and manufacturer, our responsibility is to respect and learn from our Chinese competitors, which we do on a daily basis. The history of the 21st Century will be the history of the growth of China, and luckily the challenges of the world economy are great enough that there will be room for multiple approaches and multiple methods of development.

We are very grateful to be here at EICMA, at the centre of action for the European and global motorcycle industry. Exciting times indeed.

Some photos from EICMA follow and as usual we are updating GR1T’s social media feeds on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We will be here until Sunday, 12 November and then are leaving for Web Summit in Lisbon. Please drop by if you are here. 

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