Chief Production Officer (CPO)

Bert is an experienced automotive development engineer with over two decades of professional experience in the automobile industry, including 7 years at BMW Motorcycles and 14 years at BMW Automotive.

His professional career spans a range of experience from the manufacturer to product designer to project management. Through his experience as project manager on a number of motorcycle and automotive models, he has developed an in-depth experience across the development value chain from initial ideation and design to component development, supplier relations and assembly. This includes in-depth experience with cost and quality management.


Bert has extensive experience with cross-border production and supply agreements, including in Germany, China and Mexico. He has led development teams with as many as 80 experts, spanning the complete value chain. In terms of project budgets, he has been responsible for projects as high as € 700 million.

In his new role as CTO at GR1T Motorcycles, Bert will be responsible for complete development, production and quality assurance. The necessary requirements of this role can be fully fulfilled by numerous years of industrial experience.


Bert received his M.Sc. (Diplomingenieur) in Machine tool construction with a specialization in the automotive industry from Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau in 2000. He also studied at the Hochschule Anhalt Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen and earned a Bachelor’s degree in 1996.